A Flag for Berwickshire

Published by Joy Dobie on

Are you passionate about Berwickshire and its heritage and culture? Would you like to be involved in a project to create a new, official flag for the county?

This year, the Berwickshire Civic Society will be launching a competition that will give individuals and groups the chance to submit a design for the flag.

As well as a £250 prize for the winning design, the winner will have the thrill of seeing their creation flying across the county. It will be recognised by the Court of Lord Lyon – the body responsible for recording and protecting all heraldry, flags and national symbols in Scotland.

The flag for Berwickshire will be a free, public symbol for all to use. It will:
• raise recognition and awareness of the area nationwide
• express pride in our local community
• celebrate the heritage and culture of our corner of the country.

Flags are an ancient art form that developed especially to clearly display allegiance and identity. They have become the premier way of expressing social pride at sports matches, parades, festivals and major events.

The Berwickshire competition will run later in the year, after celebrations for the Coronation of King Charles III have been completed.

Brian Payne, Chairman of the Berwickshire Civic Society, said: “This is a long overdue project for the community of Berwickshire.

“It gives us the chance to celebrate our unique heritage and location, as well as allow local producers, businesses and organisations to brand their products and services with a definitive emblem of our identity as Berwickshire”.

Watch this space for more details in the coming months!

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