Minutes of the Annual General Meeting November 15th 2022

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  1. The chairman welcomed those present and thanked everyone
    for coming, as the meeting is quorate, and was delighted that
    the President is able to attend. It is now 53rd year of the
    Berwickshire Civic Society.
  2. Apologies were received from:
    Will Ramsey, Bridget Darling, Georgina Home-Robertson, Simon Furness, Martin and Sue Bates, Caroline Douglas-Home, James Sherriff, David Long, Shelagh Townsend-Rose, David and Linda Hedley, Diana Higham, Barbara Morris. Also Richard Blake, Jim Stobo, Rebecca Fraser, and Carol Jefferson Davies all of whom are in favour of Resolutions 1 & 2.
  3. Report from the Chairman is in the form of the newsletter (hard
    copies distributed and it has been sent by email to all
    members and is on the website). Brian explained that he had
    stepped in the chair for legal reasons. He thanked Hugo Burge
    for his support hosting the 50th Anniversary event in May. It
    has resulted in increase of interest in the society and new
    members joining. Adrian and Gail Smith have joined, giving the
    Society a new direction. There is a new strap-line “Everything
    that was, is, and will be Berwickshire” and the new project ‘A
    Flag for Berwickshire’ will take off soon. Unfortunately Philip
    Tibbetts was unable to attend the meeting but Adrian will give
    a presentation shortly. On the planning front, 96 consultations
    have been made this year of which 90 were uncontentious. A
    couple of plans have been opposed with a very strong
    objection and one in particular has been rescinded. Two
    members have recently volunteered to help with the planning
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Derek reported that there was £4962.61 in
    the bank account on 15th November. There had been relative inactivity over a long period. The Society has been in contact with OSCR, 3 years of accounts have been independently signed off by BAVS and have been submitted to OSCR recently. The accounts were formally adopted with the minutes of the previous AGM by Brigid, Lady McEwen and seconded by Adrian Smith.
  5. There have been no applications received for anyone to join
    the board and no complaints. The board was re-elected
    without opposition.
  6. The society’s constitution was signed by 2nd Earl of Haig, it is
    out-of date and unfit for the society. BP will draft a new
    constitution which will be inclusive and diverse and will allow
    an electronic voting system. Resolution 1: ‘that there
    constitution and rules of the Society be revised and redrafted
    in accordance with modern best practise’ was proposed by
    Brian Payne and seconded by Jill McColl, nobody objected,
    nobody abstained so the resolution was carried unanimously.
    The membership will be able to see the revised
    constitution and comment on it before it is adopted. Resolution
    2: ‘that the Management Committee approve and operate
    under the revised constitution until such time as it can be
    formally adopted by a vote of the membership’ was proposed
    by Brian Payne and seconded by Alexandra Richards. It was
    also carried unanimously. Hugo Burge asked if there were any
    charming quirks in the present constitution and as Brian had
    the document to hand, he cited a couple of examples.
  7. AOB: There was no formal business but a discussion took
    place on how Berwickshire could get into the minds of under
    30’s and make them feel a strong sense of identity
    to Berwickshire. Derek suggested the newly created
    Berwickshire Alliance, BAVS and any organisation using
    Berwickshire in their name e.g. Berwickshire High School.
    Adrian Smith suggested reinventing the role of awards,
    especially in community youth groups. He suggested that the
    Scottish Civic Society would help as it is the umbrella for 150
    societies in Scotland all working towards new civic roles. Judy Torrance reminded the meeting of the Civic Society’s ‘Keep Berwickshire Tidy’ awards which involved the community councils. The meeting closed at 8.02 followed by a break before a presentation by Adrian Smith about the new project and competition for ‘A Flag for Berwickshire’. He explained the benefits of having a flag for Berwickshire: a symbol to make communities proud of living in Berwickshire, an external branding of Berwickshire for anyone to use including businesses, and a contribution to the rich patchwork of existing flags which help preserve and promote Scotland. The rules for the design of the flag are that it is a simple and bold design, that it agrees with the heraldic laws and there is no conflict with other flag designs, personal, national or regional. The Berwickshire News have given the society their support. This means that anyone can compete either through their newspaper, online or on their social media pages. A shortlist will be made from the entries and the final decision will be made by public vote. Adrian and Brian were thanked for their IT skills.
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